Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Anniversary

All four couples in this photo share the same anniversary.

My parents started the trend in 1955. I copied them in 1980. Brother Will and his wife, Cynthia, married in 1985. And last, but not least, our daughter, Giles and her husband, Dean, honored us by choosing December 27, 2006 as their wedding date.

Do you know who shares your anniversary?


  1. Happy Anniversary!! My husband's parents were married on Dec 26th. They would be nearing 60 years if he hadn't died in 2001.

  2. Happy anniversary! That's amazing -- I don't know anyone else who shares an anniversary.

  3. There are three others (not family) I know: one from church, one from school, and one from the practice.

    Who would have thought 12/27 would be a popular wedding date? Surely June outdoes Dec :)

  4. We have found 2 other couples in our town here who not only have the same date, November 28, but also the same YEAR even!! All three couples were married on Nov 28, 1981. One couple in Germany, one in Atlanta, and one in Washington State. Fun!

  5. That's the makings for a party, Noel.

    I've not found anyone with the same year.