Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Before the Revolution
Chapter Seven
All Gods Children and Blue Suede Shoes

Feeling pretty depressed at the situation after reading Myers, I'm not sure what to say

except that

now I understand better why I have never connected with pop art.

More later.


  1. Note to self:

    Overall I related the explanation to a delightful art exhibit I saw last year: Inspiring Impressionism. Each Impressionistic painting was coupled with one which preceded it in history and was the probable inspiration for the new work.

    That’s what I learned from Myers: that these new-fangled pop culture gurus actually were aware of the culture which came before them….. but they wanted interpret it in a very avant garde way.

  2. Dana,
    I packed my book where I would be sure not to lose it. Therefore, I cannot find it. I guess I am taking a providential break. I have never been able to give even a passing nod to pop art.