Friday, January 30, 2009

Scarves, Bows, and Sashes

Here's the *before* photo and a couple of questions.

Can you tie a square knot?

Is there any purple in your closet?

Will you wear a scarf today?

Yesterday a blogger friend, Donna at Quiet Life, posted a link for scarf-tying techniques. I thought it was helpful and I want to remember the site. So please meet *BigMama* who isnt so *big* :)

Here's my after photo, but you cant really see my square knot.

But I can do it.

Everyone always asks me to tie their sashes, bows, and scarves.... even ties.

And no, I didnt learn it in Girl Scouts.

My mother taught me.

Right over left, and left over right.

Try it.

Here's a link to see what the knot should look like

Here's another link - for tying lighter weight scarves at Brooks Brothers.

Or perhaps you're good at tying men's ties.

Here's a picture of the one most recently given to DH.

More about that handsome pattern here.


  1. I didn't wear a scarf yesterday but I will Sunday if you insist.

    So would you say that the vest is somewhat casual and the scarf jazzes it up? I would not have thought to wear a scarf with a vest but then again I am not good with clothes.

    I have wine but not purple.

  2. Yes, my vest is very casual (polartec from Walmart) and I think the scarf adds some polish :)

    It's part of my layering technique for staying warm in the winter. I work in two chilly places: the unfinished basement at home and a corner office with two large windows.

    Take a picture on Sunday, if you decide to wear a scarf :)

    I guess that color is more of a lilac, huh. Wine is good, too.

  3. I wouldn't think you would wear purple. I try not to wear it, as I feel it makes me look washed out. And with your "spring" pallette... I gravitate to the reds and bright pinks mostly :-) And yes, I'm teaching my girls to tie those square knots :-)

  4. You are so right, Noel. I never would have expected to have that *iris* color in my closet.

    It made a big difference for me to wear the right color of foundation and blush.... then I can get away with wearing *winter* or cooler colors.

  5. I think I have a shade, tint, or hue of purple for every occasion, at any time of the year. I love purple. My favorite winter Sunday outfit is a plum skirt and turtleneck that I wear with a black, brown, plum, and green leaf-print scarf, a brown felt hat and brown suede boots.

  6. for some odd reason (read age) i was thinking about scarves the last few days - and here's your post about scarves... i can tie the square knot - my mom taught me! yippie! but i have no scarves...i was thinking about buying some scarves - my receding neckline (is there something like a receding neckline?) is to blame for it. i remember my mom wearing scarves: small ones around her head and neck, medium ones to double up as shirts, and big ones as dresses - and she enjoyed tying and knotting them - i was not interested at that stage; i could tie all sorts of knots in ropes, but alas, now 30 years later - I wonder about buying a scarve...
    i don't wear purple... i bought a cherise pink lacy cotton jersey last month - it was extreme for me's the only brightly colored piece of clothing I have. that's the truth.

  7. Hmmm...I seem to recognize that scarf. Looks like the same one you bought for me for my honeymoon! I like to wear it with my emerald cardigan for funky contrast. :)