Friday, January 23, 2009

Fashion on Friday

Brown is a favorite color of mine, much preferred over black.

But the main point of this photo is the tights.

They're brown, too.

My girls may think I'm dorky.

But I like wearing tights, panty hose, or socks and am appalled at the new trend to go without.

I've done it, but I dont like it.

Thank goodness First Lady Obama wore panty hose at Tuesday's Inauguration Ceremony. It affords a more polished appearance. However, I wondered if her feet hurt at the end of that day? Those green heels were 3 inches!

How do you feel about stocking/panty hose/tights?

I dont, however, own any Spanx.

Even if I am a native Atlantan.

Do you?

Original Footless Pantyhose from Spanx: In 1988, Sara Blakely cut the feet off her pantyhose so she could get the benefits of shaping and an invisible panty line under slacks while wearing sandals. Two years later, the Atlanta resident introduced a comfortable, body-slimming, toeless garment to the market. The line now consists of over 100 figure-enhancing garments


  1. I'm with you! Tights, panty-hose, or socks, definitely! They keep shoes from acquiring odors and keep feet from acquiring blisters. Not to mention keeping legs and feet warm!

  2. Hey, I'm wearing blue and brown today, too! I love brown and I love tights. I wear tights all winter, and in summer I wear knee-highs except for when I'm dressing up, and then I wear pantyhose.

  3. I always wear tights in the winter. I have two pair that I wear religiously, one brown and the other black. But in the summer? I have a pair of fitted shorts I wear under my skirts, but I just can't see nylons going well with my flip-flop habit. :)

  4. I bought Katelyn a pair of Spanx knockoffs for Christmas.

    I have an aversion to bare legs with dresses/skirts -- it just looks more polished to have stockings on. Another peeve of mine is short-short skirts on women over 40 - no matter how fit the woman is, it just irks me.

  5. I have to agree, I'm a tights/hose fan, especially for formal events. I was just at a formal dinner the other night and most of the girls were wearing short, cocktail dresses and no the middle of winter! And all their knees were turning blue and purple. Seriously. And, I have to confess, I own a pair of spanx. Mainly just because it seems like the right thing to have. I think I've only worn them once, but I'm keeping them. You never know.

  6. Dana,
    So funny reading this after what I said at lunch! I guess I have too much California girl in the winter I just wear pants so there is none of the bare leg stuff, I used to wear lots of of course...when I wore more dresses in the winter!