Thursday, January 15, 2009

Would You Take Jesus to See This Planet?
Chapter Three, All God's Children and Blue Suede Shoes

Yes, but he might chuckle after the tour, knowing that much had been overlooked. In fact, I might not make such a good docent. After all I hardly *know* all God's children AND I told you that I'd never heard about Carl Perkins's song about blue suede shoes.

Am I fit to show Jesus around?

Myers says *yes*.

That God offered me cultural assistance when he clothed Adam and Eve. pg44

But because God recreated me and empowers me to walk His Way, I am separated from some parts of my culture. There are limits to what I can do because I'm not the only one here. pg 50

And while Christians are called to go out into every culture, I am placed in time and space to create that holy pattern in my garden (household). I love His Order. I am charged to influence my culture and to make it more consistent with the created nature; to sanctify my own life. pg 51

So, Jesus.

Come on over.

I'll show You around.

I'm not ashamed.

West of Eden by Renee Radell
Oil on Linen 72" x 66"

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