Friday, January 16, 2009

Fashion on Fridays

Sometimes on Fridays, I like to highlight my fashion. Nothing truly fantastic or trendy. Just a little creative comment: a challenge to find something in the back of my closet and update it inexpensively; or mention a new purchase.

This week I'd really like to talk about what Michelle Obama will be wearing to the Inaugural Ball.

I thought she looked lovely in this turquoise dress and brooch she wore during the campaign.

First ladies can really take a beating from the media if they're not careful with choices.

Surely Michelle wont copy Mary Todd Lincoln the way her husband is borrowing Abe's Bible.

What I'm really trying to do is bury a picture of my 1970s fashion. In the comment section of this Dominion Family entry about Pop Culture, there was a dare to post pictures of *short shorts*.

Here I am...1976 or '77

Oh, my!

Bonus for reading to the end :)

Four fashion trends that should be nuked.


  1. If I see enough of these pics I am going to start liking that old style. Dana, you manage to pull off the SS look better than most!

  2. Wow. I remember wearing shorts like that on a triple-digit heat day. It was 1984. I was six. :)

    Oh. And you look(ed) lovely. ;)