Sunday, April 26, 2009

Augustine of Hippo

Today is the anniverary of Augustine's baptism and his heart rested.

O God, by whose laws the poles revolve,
the stars follow their courses.
The sun rules the day
and the moon presides over the night;
And all the world maintains,
as far as this world of sense allows,
The wondrous stability of things
by means of the order and recurrences of seasons:
Through the days
by the changing of light and darkness.
Through the months
by the moon's progressions and declines,
Through the years
by the successions of
Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter,
Through the cycles
by the completion of the Sun's course,
Through the great eras of time
by the return of the stars to their starting points.

God of life,
There are days
when the burdens we carry
chafe our shoulders and wear us down;
When the road seems dreary and endless,
The skies grey and threatening;
When our lives have no music in them
and our hearts are lonely.
And our souls have lost their courage.

Flood the path with light,
We beseech you;
Turn our eyes
to where the skies are full of promise.

Our hearts are restless, O Lord,
until they rest in you.

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