Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Christus Victor

Resurrection hope hastens hence
on bud, breeze, and blossom
grieving rynds* banished in lilac scents.

Hark, the Easter Hymn rings haste
from its loveliest biding-place.

A lavish breach of winter's curt hard sword
an ardent repudiation of death's dark pall
the out-veining sun of the Christus Lord.

At the refectory of your loving-care
the transfiguration clarion sounds a call
that didicae** could ne're convey nor spare.

Thus, Gospel comes ensconced in Word and Deed
and the evidence is your shimmering touch:
Christus Victor, shown in a life's sown seed.

Hark, the Easter hymn rings haste
From its loveliest biding-place

by Tristan Gylberd
American poet
1954 -

Reading the blogs of George Grant and other reformed Christians, I learned of Gylberd and his poetry. But I cant find out any more information about him. If you have anything to share or know where I can secure a copy of his poetry, please leave a comment.

Photo borrowed from LauraC's blog.

rynds = rinds
didicae = ?? plural of learners or followers??

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  1. I like it. It's different. A modern poet writing as though he's speaking middle English or even renaissance English. Makes me slow down as I read it.