Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Five

What is your favorite thing to eat in the summer?

BLTs aka Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwiches. In fact, they're on the menu tonight along with steamed corn on the cob. Grandma Jago is coming over :)

Actually, the highlight in addition to home-grown, juicy, ripe, red tomatoes is garlic cream cheese.

Have you ever tried it?

What is your favorite thing to drink in the summer?

Lately I've been making my own wine spritzers, using lots of LeCroix (carbonated water with no sodium) and a little bit of whichever wine is open. This beverage doesnt top the all-time favorite gin and tonic with lime, but it does help reduce caloric intake.

I think it's the bubbles.... I like the bubbles.

What is your favorite thing to wear in the summer?

I think my *new* (last five years) favorite thing to wear for summer is painted toenails ;) This month I'm wearing an OPI color - Tazmanian Devil.

Also, I get a charge out of coordinating clothing for my daughters. But now that they're grown, it's somewhat more difficult. DD#2 proposed a color board of yellow, white, and blue/greens for our family photo. It's based on this fun scarf from Old Navy.

What is your favorite thing to read in the summer?

A newly-published fiction from the light (brain-candy) reading category.

This year's is yet to be chosen, unless you count The Help, already completed and reviewed on my Xanga site.

What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?

Family reunions are my favorite thing about summertime. We've been gathering since 1983 around the pool and at Callaway Gardens. We've named it CWAC or Cousins' Week at Callaway.

This highlight of the year combines the fun of Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, and Independence Day into one, fast-paced week of bonding.

I highly recommend establishing this tradition.

HT: Donna at Quiet Life


  1. Favorite summer food: Tomatoes.

    Favorite summer drink: Unsweetened ice tea.

    Favorite summer wear: Capri pants.

    Favorite summer read: Biographies and mysteries.

    Favorite summer activity: Being at the lake.

  2. Favorite summer food: Tomatoes.

    Favorite summer food: any pasta dish - with tomatoes, basil & pecorino; Drink: glass of dry white wine; Summer wear: anything covered with an apron; summer read: nothing specific - the past summer was accompanied with light reading; summer activity: hoping that we can spend some time at the beach with family - alas - life's interruptions changed the holidays into holy days (a few summers in a row...)
    commenting from an icy cold south africa...winter soup awaiting...