Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Here are some categories that come to my mind when I begin counting my blessings. Today I just want to contemplate these areas in their broadest sense and perhaps later (each week or month) be more specific.

Faith - that God quickened my heart at a young age and He keeps me on His path
Health - that mine is indeed good and I enjoy it
Temperament-that I awaken rested with a positive outlook each day

Husband - that he works sacrificially and lovingly for me
Family - for four beautiful daughters (and 2 SILs) who love and serve the Lord
Church - for over thirty years of sound sound preaching

Home - safe haven in a lovely community
Employment -for the ability to serve DH in his profession
Country - for these United States, O Lord, have mercy on us and save us from civil tyranny

I want to try next time and count (recognize) blessings like Kelly's or simple pleasures like Carol's.


As I was looking for a picture to illustrate my writing, I remember this beautiful bouquet brought to the office by one of our nurses. I am thankful for her and her gardening skills.

What a blessing!

This is a simple pleasure at its finest!

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  1. Oh Dana I LIKEY that site you sent me! I have the silver bags too but like to look at mine, hence the tarnish! Thanks as always for coming by. I'll be out of town Sat to Wed, we WILL have to make an effort to get together!