Friday, July 10, 2009

Fashion on Fridays

Lime Green has surfaced as my fashion accent this summer.

I bought these inexpensive sandals on a whim at Target in late May, not really sure how they were going to fit into my wardrobe.

But low and behold, they were a perfect match for these green print capris that I wore for the family reunion photo.

That's me with my siblings (and spouses).

Then I remembered this green striped blouse from a few years ago and paired it with some stone colored capris.


This snapshot with my niece is more flattering, although I need lipstick.

Plus there's this mosaic scarf which I'm wearing today with a jean dress.

Last week I wore it as a belt with a white skirt and lime green T-shirt.

Wait! There's more!

See this light-weight summer dress?

It was already in the back of the closet.

And it blossomed with this sweater.

All on account of those lime green sandals.

What's keeping your wardrobe fresh this summer?


  1. I love lime green and wear it in the summer. This year I'm also doing more orange.

  2. Post of picture of your orange, Laura. I prefer that color over red.

  3. You are so cool. I love your fashion posts.