Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CWAC 2009 Recap:Tuesday

Walking the 10-mile Discovery Bike Trail is one of my vacation goals while at Callaway. It takes me almost 3 1/2 hours, which calculates out to a rate of 3 mph - just the right pace to enjoy my surroundings and get my heartrate up into a fat-burning range.

It's a good thing I left early Tuesday morning or I would have missed this fine luncheon with my 83 yo aunt who came down from Atlanta for the day. Her son and husband are sitting around the table, too.

Starting with the blue shirt (grinning fella) and proceeding clockwise:

1st cousin=Dan
My father=Dan
Me=Dana - trend here?
Aunt=Mary (back of her head)

But this picture takes family photo albums to a new level.

My father, mother and aunt are identifying people on the computer screen.

My cousin, Dan, had scanned a bunch of old photos (late '50s, early 60s) and burned a disk for everyone. This is the new *scrapbooking* skill.

We had a fine time.

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