Wednesday, July 15, 2009

CWAC 2009 Recap:Wednesday

Attendance was up this year.

In fact, I think it was our highest count to date. Here's the basic breakdown from our Family Calendar:

2 Parents
6 Children
5 Spouses
29 Grands

Nuclearly speaking, we're talking 42 people. While we didnt have quite that many when we first started years ago, the numbers have increased steadily to the point that we're adding to Gen Four aka great-grandchildren at a rapid rate.

So, add the spouses of grands (4) and two great-grands (2) and we're topping out at 48!!

It all started with the classic sofa picture.

This one was taken in the summer, 1985.

Click on the link for 23 years worth of snapshots.

Here's one of the earliest reunion photos, summer 1987.

We've always had close friends join us as well. From childhood family friends, schoolmates and colleagues, to the proverbial *special* friends, who end up marrying into the family, we enjoy increasing the size of our circle.

There were close to 60 at our Friday night Leftovers Picnic because we had an influx of cousins at the latter part of the week.

We just keep growing!

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  1. These photos are the stuff of Southern family life! We have many similar ones (including baby cousins on a backyard swing). And I used to spend every 4th of July at Calloway Gardens celebrating one cousin's birthday. Our immediate family is small, but out, I'm sure my mom will figure out somehow that we're related to you! She still goes to reunions near Calloway every year, for *her* cousins.

    I'll check out your snapshots, too ;-).