Friday, September 18, 2009

Fashion Fridays: Boho Skirt

Planning my work


working my plan...

in this fine example of


#2 & #3 on the list :)

Just three weeks ago, I started thinking *Fall* - time to turn over a new leaf, rustle the wardrobe, and basically position myself for autumnal audacity.

I just feel better when *dressed*

That means, my countenance is refreshed and my outlook is positive.

I accomplish more.

I'm ready for *leisure*

Don't just do something: stand there!

How about you?

*Truth in blogging: all items already in the closet (vest purchased in 1993!) except skirt which was recently acquired from TJMaxx.


  1. I love to see what you are wearing. It forces me to take off my big man shirt and put on some real clothes :)

  2. Yesterday I changed out my clothes - spring and summer clothes out, fall and winter clothes in. Just like acquiring a whole new wardrobe! Now I need to pack up the spring and summer shoes and get out the fall and winter ones... .

  3. For me, Laura, it's never quite that cut and dry. It seems that for at least four weeks, everything is out in full view... until the weather changes *for sure* AND I make up my mind :)

  4. Long shirts over straight and narrow pants can be very slimming AND stylish, Cindy! So, perhaps, if I'm reading between the lines correctly, the only change to be made is that the shirt would button on the left instead of the right :)

  5. I can't figure out how to comment on your Xanga, but I just had to say that the painting you linked to there was the subject of the only lecture for adults our family ever attended at the MMA. We had gone to lots of kids' programs, but we thought CZ (about 9 at the time) was ready to tag along on a grownup tour, one that would interest her parents, too.

    It was interesting all right, but not because of the lecture itself. We got one of those *very* Upper East Side (think Woody Allen movies) fragile, flaky, eccentric tour guides. She kept stretching her clasped arms behind her back and going on in a vaguely European accent about Asher DurANNNND! and how she sometimes saw two squirrels and.. "Oh! Look! There's another! There are THREE squirrels today!!!"

    CZ did a deadpan imitation of the guide when we got home, but after that we stuck with the kids' lectures that were labelled as such.

    Seems as though you were more edified by this painting than we were, Dana ;-).

  6. Funny story, Laura... I love audio guides :)