Friday, October 30, 2009

Fashion on Fridays

Costume parties usually provide more fun than ordinary gatherings and long ago there was one such one for me that did just that and remains very special.

While I'm not fond of the current holiday (or anything scary/horror for that matter), Halloween brings back romantic memories for me. It's the anniversary of our first date.

Flip the calendar back to the Fall of 1976, when I was starting my second year of college. We had a large group of friends that socialized together. (Here's a link to a group photo.) It centered around one of the smaller dorms on campus - Koon Hall - thirty plus fellows with a wide variety of interests (football players to yearbook editors) and activities (keg parties with professors)

On October 30th, they hosted a costume party and I was invited. Earlier in the week (Wednesday breakfast, to be exact) a certain resident of said dorm asked if I would accompany him to the college play at 8p on Saturday followed by the costume party.

It was a magical evening.

I could write lots more about every.single.detail.

But I'm not the Pioneer Woman.

I'll let this photo speak its 1000 words.

Thirty-three years ago today.....

Costume made by yours truly and fashioned after one of my mother's 1940's party dresses. I needed it for one of my sorority's rush parties.

I was NOT responsible for DH's costume which was a total surprise, by the way.

His sense of humor has been a blessing over all these years.

A few weeks later - more costumes!

Happy Halloween!!

Dont forget to change your clocks!


  1. I wondered if you would post this today!!!!

    Oh my goodness.
    Oh my goodness.

    You look gorgeous.
    I think you look so happy to be with silly Ken!

    He has a great heart and I glad you could see that thru this outrageous costume :o)

  2. Hahah I LOVE this! Especially after getting to hear the stories :)

    At least you can say your first date was definitely UNFORGETTABLE

  3. It's quite cute how you go from linked arms to an all-out hug pose within a matter of weeks. I love knowing this story and that it is the beginning of something much bigger. :) I am so blessed to have you as my parents!