Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Five

1. How often do you get sick with a cold? The flu?

Rarely do I get sick, although this week I felt crummy on Wednesday and went to bed at 6:30 pm, skipped dinner, and slept straight through 'til morning. I took some Advil for the body aches.

2. Are you the sort of person who goes to work or school no matter how sick you are or are you willing to stay at home when it gets bad?

Yes, I usually carry on with my duties even when I dont feel well. DH noted that in the 35 years he's known me, he's never known me to stay in bed all day. Hope that doesn't jinx my streak :)

3. Will you get a flu shot?

No, not planning to get a seasonal flu shot, nor an H1N1.

4. What do you do to keep from getting sick in the winter?

In addition to making sure that the host (my body) is good at fighting off bad germs and viri by eating healthfully, sleeping adequately, and drinking plenty of water, I will wash my hands more often this winter in order to avoid getting sick.

5. What is your favorite thing to do when you stay home from work or school?

If I'm sick enough to stay home, I will be in bed. That's how I know that I'm really sick: I dont want to read a book, watch TV, or listen to music.

PS: I do like a hot toddy, if I feel something coming on....

My recipe:

In a mug, combine

2 Tbs lemon juice, freshly squeezed
2-3 Tbs local honey
2-3 Tbs whiskey

Pour in 6 oz boiling water and stir until blended.

What's your home remedy?


  1. I am very interested to see your answer to the flu shot questions.
    Katie's school is offering the spray and I just don't feel it is necessary....
    but i could be wrong.

  2. DH is advising against it. Not enough testing on it has been done.

    It is true in his patient population that all afflicted are youngsters. He sends them home to bed, with a RX for an anti-viral.

    He reminded me that there was some bug like this in 1976 and that those of us alive then probably built anti-bodies then.

  3. I use an OTC remedy: Grapefruit Seed Extract. I have drops for the children and pills for us. IF we remember to take it, it generally wards off sickness.

    For home rememdies, I use crushed garlic compresses for chest colds, coconut water for tummy/dehydration issues, xylitol powder for sore throats, and sunbathing (if it is warm enough) for general sickness.

    I adore home remedies! :)

    Believe it or not, I had never heard of a hot toddy, but I am intrigued. It reminds me of something I read in one of the Little Britches books.