Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bless This Food, O Lord

Shrimp 'n Grits, Pickled Beets, and Green Beans
French Bread

Cavit Pinot Grigio (not pictured because it's all gone)  ;-)

We enjoyed this meal after hearing a sermon on Psalm 75.  This marks the halfway point in our pastor's preaching through the book of Psalms.  In his introductory remarks, JCMIII marveled at how this divine poetry *gets inside us*.  Despite the vernacular, I grasp his meaning and concur.

My prayer is that the words of the psalmist(s) become so familiar to me that they would always come easy in conversation.  Even more so, I hope that they spill out of my mouth when I am old and gray, and perhaps not in my right mind.

Then this food, this bread, this Word of God, would truly be a blessing.

We closed the service by singing Psalm 75 to the tune Belmont C.M.

Here's the paraphrase ~

To Thee, O God, we render thanks,
To Thee give thanks sincere
Because Thy wondrous works declare
That Thy great name is near.

When my appointed time is come,
I'll judge with even hand.
Though earth and all its dwellers melt,
I make its pillars stand.

I to the boastful said, "Boast not!"
To vile men, "Lift no horn!
Do not lift up your horn on high,
Nor speak with neck of scorn!"

For not from east nor west nor wilds
Comes exaltation nigh,
For God is judge, debasing one,
Another raising high.

The LORD pours out a foaming cup
Which well-mixed wine contains,
And every wicked one on earth
Must drink; the dregs he drains.

But I will tell it evermore,
To Jacob's God sing praise;
And horns of sinners I'll cut off,
But just men's horns I'll raise.

From the Book of Psalms for Singing, copyright 1973 and published by the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America.

Bless this food, O Lord,

and us to Thy service.

In Jesus' Name, I pray


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  1. Our family also has that Book of Psalms for Singing. What a treasure the Psalter is--I'm grateful for all the tunes people have set the Psalms to, to make it easier to devote our days to singing His praise.