Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Menu

Smithfield Spiral-sliced Ham
Squash Casserole
Steamed Cauliflower
Marinated Button Mushrooms
Herb-buttered Rolls

Chocolate Box Shiraz

Chocolate Creme Pie

Dinner table conversation was lively because not only did we ask my parents to describe the personalities of their fathers, but we also debated the merits of homemade versus store-bought pies.  Whoops, almost forgot!  We fine-tuned our recipe for margaritas scheduled for release during CWAC, our annual family reunion at Callaway Gardens.

My father's three adjectives for his father were quiet, calm, and affable.  He practiced medicine (obstetrics) in Birmingham AL for over fifty years, delivering lots of babies, some of whom are now seeing his grandson (my brother) for vascular disease.  Living to age 90, he is remarkable for having served in both WWI and II.  Here's a link to a pencil portrait of him.

My mother's three adjectives for her father were teaser, competitive, and respected.  As an Atlanta general surgeon, he was admired and loved by many, unfortunately dying of heart disease at the young age of 58.  Here's a link to a portion of his inaugural address before the Fulton County Medical Society.

Now it's time to turn my attention back to my heavenly Father on this the Lord's Day by reading John Witherspoon's sermon addressing Psalm 76:10.  Although first delivered in 1776, on the eve of the War for Independence, it's message is timely, especially now as Americans' civil liberties are being assaulted on all sides.

The title is The Dominion of Providence Over the Passion of Men.  Three adjectives for my Heavenly Father demonstrated in Psalm 76 and exposited in Withersppoon's sermon are omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent.

Here's the link at

On second thought, I'm stopping after five pages, pacing myself at five pages per day for morning devotions.  And now I will fold clothes and watch Lucia di Lammermoor because my daughter sang in the chorus of the Ann Arbor Opera's recent production.

 A Bientot!

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  1. I love the wine bottle label!! So clever and cute. I'll have to see if I can find some up here. :)