Friday, September 10, 2010

US Constitution Day

"Great states with good constitutions develop when most people think of their duties and restrain their appetites.

"Great states sink toward their dissolution when most people think of their privileges and indulge their appetites freely. . . .

"And no matter how admirable a constitution may look upon paper, it will be ineffectual unless the written constitution, the web of custom and convention, affirms an enduring moral order of obligations and personal responsibility."

Quoting Russell Kirk's Rights and Duties: Reflections on Our Conservative Constitution, I'm reminding myself (and you) of the upcoming Constitution Day celebration.  Some begin as early as September 16th and continue through Saturday, the 18th, framing the actual signing date of September 17, 1787.

Read ~

First Principles, ISI's web journal,  houses a host of fine articles addressing constitutional liberty.

Brad Birzer's review of Kirk's Rights and Duties.

Then act ~

Contact your representative and learn how s/he feels about voting in line with the principles he swore to uphold.

Protect the future ~

Join in the fight to restore our Republic.

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