Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Top Ten: Walking Routes

Mark Fenton's book is the one which helped me establish a walking program.

Truth be known ~ after purchase, it sat on the shelf for a couple of years.

And then I took his simple advice.

I hopped got out of the car (waiting in carpool line) and walked five minutes in one direction, turned around, and walked the five minutes back to the car.

Quickly I built up steam and stamina.  However, it always takes a bit of mental discipline to get up and going.

Here's a short list of my favorite ordinary routes with links a one-time blog entry.

1)  Larkwood
2)  Heritage Park
3)  Boling Park
4)  Canton Loop
5)  Canton Stretch
6)  Canton Historic
7)  Canton Bluffs
8)  River Green
9)  Prominence Point
10)The Basement

Early on, I determined that I didnt want to train for competition (racewalking), but for health and pleasure. 

Learning the local history and trying to keep in shape are motivators enough.

But I think I may work through this PBS series on walking to help me stay on task.

And remember J M Barrie's* sound advice ~

 Make your feet your friend.

Where do you like to walk?

*Author of Peter Pan


  1. Believe it or not, I like to walk to the post office, city hall, the library, the power company, the grocery store, etc. I like having a specific task/destination/purpose for my walks. But sometimes I'll walk through the cemetery just for the sake of a walk!

  2. Super sites, Laura!!

    You are fortunate to live in a small town ;-)

    Actually I dont enjoy as much the Canton Stretch and Loop *walks* because they are noisey, but I had to get past excuses and just get out and do it!