Friday, September 24, 2010

Fashion on Friday:Denim and Linen

Desperate for a wardrobe change by this time of year, I remind myself to check the weather report hoping for cooler temperatures and a soaking rain.

But yesterday, the first full day of Fall, the thermometer registered 91 degrees.

Hence, the sleeveless denim shirt.

While I consider denim a year-round fabric choice, I stop wearing linen at the end of September.  Sienna brown is a favorite color, unlike the chocolate truffle color (which seems to have a touch of purple in it) on this season's report.

This multi-colored linen skirt has been in my closet for six seasons and always rejuvenates the attitude during these weeks of transitional weather.

And that's the basis of my Fashion Friday ~ no new purchase.....

What did you find in your closet this past week that added a bit a flair to your style?

Bonus FAF (Fine Art Friday)
(in the background)

Head Study After Bouguereau
Oil on Canvas
by Margaret Jago 2003


  1. I find myself wanting yellow this fall - and I'm not seeing it in stores. In fact, I went to Coldwater Creek yesterday thinking I might find a yellow turtleneck shirt, or a long-sleeved yellow T-shirt, but all the colors they had were dark and muted grays, browns, dark, dark blues, and a couple of greens. Oh, and deep purples. I was disappointed.

    I love your skirt!

  2. Have you ever tried Steinmart, Laura? I'm pretty sure I saw some in there last week.

    But I agree with you that *golden glow* is a perfect accent color for this time of year ;-)