Friday, October 08, 2010

Fashion on Fridays:Handbags



*Drifter* Shoulder bag

Complete with many of the colors from the Fall 2010 Pantone Palette, she's sporting:

Chocolate Truffle
Oyster Gray

  Versatile beyond measure, this pocketbook is serving me well this fall ~ zippered compartments, sturdy straps, and a wide opening, I am highly recommending this new brand of leather and linen from a Hilton Head designer.
Spartina449 came to my attention from the owner of a local gift shop, The Chamberhouse, newly remodeled and always resourceful.

So, tell me about your handbag and how much you like it .... or not.


tell me about a favorite gift shop in your town.


  1. nice choice :) love the colours, I can't wait to not carry a diaper bacg :)

  2. I gave up the diaper bag after... three or four children, and started carrying a large purse instead.

    My current favorite is a woven brown leather shoulder bag with three large compartments inside, plus a small zippered pocket just inside the front. I keep my military ID, my key chain, a tube of Burt's Bees lip balm, and an eyeglass cleaning cloth in the small pocket. The three large ones each have their designated contents as well. I always get a back with that arrangement so it's easy to switch back and forth. To make it even easier I keep duplicates of certain things so I don't have to move much more than my wallet when I change purses.

    I fell in love with a turquoise leather bag at Marshall's when I was in Houston this summer and was going to buy it until I saw the price tag. It was way over $100 -- and that was less than half it's retail price!

  3. Keeping duplicates of certain things is a great idea, Kelly!

    I keep the same small wallet which I move from purse to purse ;-)

  4. I have bags by season. That is hard to say since I tend to practicality and having a different bag for each season on the surface smacks of if it is I admit to it.
    My Winter bag is a large Dooney, two dark brown handles with an optional shoulder strap, zippered compartments, cell phone pocket inside and a pocket where I keep pens and a pad of paper. Color? Deep forest green.
    Spring brings out a Dooney of stonewashed pale denim, slightly smaller, with leathertopped compartments on the outside, a zip accross the opening, two handles of dark brown leather.

    Summer is small woven satchel from Merida in Mexico. Completely silly but sweet and airey.
    Autumn is a Kathy VanZeeland "fabric bag" that feels, smells and behaves like pebble leather-- in a brick rust color, two woven black handles with large, oddshaped, pockets on the outside.