Saturday, January 08, 2011

Book Club: Imagination's Exordium

Capitalizing on Cindy's use of the very fine word exordium as she synopsizes the first 26 pages of Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child, I call to your attention its etymology.

Or is that too dull?

Is it too taxing to insist that one recall or retrieve from the recesses of memory some vestige of language or grammar skills that might afford opportunity to understand that the author herein is laying groundwork for his treatise.


May it never be!

But I will admit, Latin lover than I am, that I looked it up in the dictionary (online! wicked internet option!!) to make sure that I knew what I was talking about ;-)

Weaving back and forth with literary threads, Professor Esolen snared my attention in this first strike against the educational system like I was a unobservant guest at a cocktail party where an unknown (yet important) individual was dropping extremely important names, mentioning powerful and influential people.

My ears perked up.

It behooves me to know these characters, not like a list of Facebook friends, but really and truly be acquainted: to remember, recognize, and realize.  It will save me some embarrassing moments and add to my overall ability to apply book knowledge to every day living.  That's wisdom.  Something to which I aspire.

So, take heart, I tell myself.

Read on.

Trust the professor's parting words ~

A fact may not be much, by itself, but it points toward what is true,
and even the humblest truth may in time lead a mind
 to contemplate the beautiful and the good.

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