Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Where Dreams Are Made

Dreams are made in the moon, my dear,

On her shining hillsides steep;

Pleasant and dreadful and gay and queer,
They're piled in a silver heap.

And many fairies with buzzing wings

Are busy with hammers and wheels and things,

Making the dreams that Night-time brings

To all little boys asleep.

And if a boy has been good till night,
     When snug in his bed he lies
The fairies come with a moonbeam bright
     And slide him up to the skies.
And there he sails as the Moon-king's guest,
And choses the dreams he likes best;
Then they slide him back to his nurs'ry nest
     And leave him rubbin his eyes.

by Burges Johnson (1877 - ??)
Youngsters:  Collected Poems of Childhood


  1. One of my favorite meters for a children's poem. Also reminds me of Eugene Field, in fact I thought he was the author at first.

  2. I am trying to find this print! If anyone has one and is willing to sell, please contact me. It means a lot to my sister and myself.

    1. Victor Charles Anderson (1882 - 1937) painted him and this rendition may have been the cover of a Life Magazine, but I cant find the year.

      There were thousands of reprints made by Campbell Prints years ago with a wonderful Burges Johnson poem on the back. Here's a link to the two verses.

      Currently Laughing Elephant seems seems to own the rights to the image and has been selling it for use in the greeting card industry and as glicee prints.


  3. The Campbell print is the version I am after. It has the above image and then the poem below. Frame is plain wood. Please let me know if you find one!!