Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Five Things My Mother Taught Me

1. How to use a blackboard.
2. How to set the table.
3. How to be mean.
4. How to make a Southern Belle costume.
5. How to fix biscuits.

Self Portrait

Since last Friday's Five I have been pondering what my mother taught me.

She taught me lots of things and she continues to teach me, but I have come up with a short list identifying five very specific tasks.

Stories to follow.

Inspiration from Quiet Life .


  1. Very, very intriguing!

    #3 had me sad at first but then curious. Perhaps she was a drama coach? Somebody along the way sure did a good job of teaching you how to be nice. :)

    #4 makes me want to see a picture.

    #5 makes my mouth water!

  2. Thank you, Dana.

    Interesting list.

    Waiting for the stories ;o)