Friday, May 12, 2006


Dear Reader,
I like you to meet my faithful hairdresser of 40 plus years, Mr Paul Hensler. I cant say enough good things about him, but let me try.

First, note that he is still working at age 75! What a testimony to his industrious nature. Although he no longer owns his own shop, after retiring and recouperating from some knee surgery, he just missed *hair* too much.

I first met him when he trimmed my hair at age 7, right before the beginning of second grade. He styled my hair on my wedding day, gave me a perm after the birth of my first daughter, and has kept me feeling young and beautiful with highlights and up-to-date hairdoos.

While I'm not entirely sure who gave this advice, it has worked well for me: If you have to choose between getting your hair done (cut, styled, whatever) or buying a new dress (for a special occasion), choose *hair*

Which is where I'm headed right now. When was the last time you had your hair *done*?


  1. What a lovely picture! Wow! I love your hair in that picture. Love the eyes, the smiles, the goodwill!

    The last time I had my hair done was a gift from my incredible DIL. She does the books for the most upscale person in town. I have no idea what it cost, but cracked jokes about the $50 haircut. It was THE BEST cut I've ever had. This award-winning hairdresser has her own salon in her house. It was such a treat. Nothing feels so good as a good haircut!

  2. How wonderful to have the same hairdresser...that you love! I'll bet he was surprised that you wanted to take a picture with him!!! So Cute!

    I love his advice! I feel so much better with my new haircut and color :o)

  3. had it cut a few weeks ago, but having hard time as I await for the next appt. I'm getting it permed for my trip. I need to let it grow just a bit for the perm and it's driving me nuts ;-)

  4. I had my hair done on Thursday. :-)

    You look beautiful, Dana! And kudos to Mr. Hensler!

  5. The last time I had my hair *done* was this morning, about an hour ago. I was a bit depressed yesterday (for reasons having nothing to do with Mother's Day). I went to bed early last night then woke up this morning and hacked off a bunch of hair!

    Tired of the same old sad hairstyle I'd had for years, I'd contemplated a change for a long time but was too chicken to try something new for fear it would be too hard to maintain. Once I found out a friend at church cuts her own hair I decided to go for it. About a dozen blunt cuts later, voila!

    Much to my complete surprise, I really like the way it turned out. It's the way I've tried to describe to the Supercuts / Hair Cuttery folks that I've wanted it but they never understood.

    And the best part of all is that if others think it's a bad haircut that's okay by me. I'm entering that phase of life where I'm just not so worried anymore what others think of me -- not in a selfish, immoral way but in a confident, positive way. :) (And the black cloud is gone, also. Maybe I just needed the extra rest.)

    Thank you, Dana, for posting the picture of yourself and Mr. Hensler. I've known of your Xanga book blog for some time now but have only recently discovered this blog and I'm really enjoying getting to know you better!