Friday, August 31, 2007

Fashion Find Friday

Call me a bag lady.

'Cause I like all kinds of purses, pocketbooks, or handbags (whatever you call it)

Here's a picture of my current organizer/wallet.

Only it's red :)

Years ago, I realized that my sloped shoulders would not hold in place a heavy purse; nor would my shoulders/neck tolerate the stress/pain caused by carrying a heavy handbag or satchel. Furthermore, purses are personal.

I had to lighten up.

First (around 1990), I bought two wallets: one brown and one black and kept them in a larger bag in the car. When I needed to shop, I took into the store only the wallet (which had a strap like the one in the photo.) Eventually those wore out.

Plus I graduated to the 21st century, got a cell phone, and needed a spot to keep it. Hence, the newer organizer/wallet, which I highly recommend.

Loose the over-sized bags that will carry everything but the kitchen sink, ladies!

Be feminine.

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