Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Russell Kirk

Highlighted today is an author whom I first met in 1975. That Fall I headed off to college and took a seminar entitled The Roots of American Order, which is also the title of one of Kirk's book. Two years later, I took another seminar from him, The Adams Family, in which he chronicled the long and illustrious history of this family's influence on American life and culture. My research paper for that class (where all the authors were male) was on Abigail Adams, well-known in her own right.

Thirty years later, I am still chewing on the information Dr. Kirk presented. Off and on, I will pull one of his books off the shelf and read one of his essays. They are inspiring to me. They help keep my thinking in line (consistent) and my enthusiasm for the permanent things high.

Most recently I have been re-reading his works because Cindy keeps writing about the way she homeschools. After looking at her references, I realized that many of the people she's quoting have relied on Dr. Kirk's writings and influence.

You can find where I have mentioned Kirk on my Xanga site by clicking on the authors and/or books tags.

Much of his work is available at his own website.

I am posting this for Laura to encourage her to read more Kirk :)


  1. Thank you! I'm already thinking about what 12 books I might want to put on my 2008 reading list and Kirk has to be at least one! And I may decide to study his works - ones I have and ones I can get from the library - for MY homeschool education this year.

  2. Weren't you blessed to have sat under his teaching "back then," with all the foundation it laid for your life since! Where was he teaching, and you learning?

  3. I sat under Dr Kirk's tutelage at Hillsdale College in Hillsdale MI.