Thursday, October 05, 2006

Museum Hopping

Or Fine Art Friday entry a day early

It's nice to be thought of. Tulip Girl left a comment wanting to know which museum I visited on the free day. See my blog entry dated September 23, 2006. And I'll post about it when I try your recommendation of Avalanche Rooibos. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

Truth be errands took priority over pleasurable ones, and so, I didnt make it, although I plan to :) Based on the posted list of museums, I have determined to visit each over the coming year...or so.

The High has a cool three-year-long collaboration with the Louvre and I WILL go to those exhibits...most likely on days when I hope the attendance is *light* because, as Donna pointed out....the crowds. The last time I visited the High was for Andrew Wyeth, an all-time favorite.

Several of the museums on the list of ten are really close by and I have been before but not recently, i.e. Fernbank and Weinman. I'd love to take a trip to Savannah and visit the Telfair. I recently gave my mother a biography of Mary Telfair, which she has enjoyed, loaned to a friend, and *returned* to me. Do you have friends who give gifts back? Tee hee.

Macon is closer to me than Savannah, and so, I might visit their museum sooner than later because of my interest in Sterling Everett.

Finally, DD#4 enjoys all things Egyptian and I am contemplating a trip to Philadelphia to see King Tut in 2007.

But this Friday I will be viewing the art at Hillsdale College.

Which museum did you visit most recently?


  1. I love museums, but very sadly, can almost never get our family to them due to schedule, distance and cost. While living in Atlanta I'd always wanted to visit the High Museum but never got there. That goes for the symphony, theatre and circus too. :( (Well, Jay and I did see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat but I've had a hard time being able to introduce our children to the myriad cultural experiences out there in a hands-on perspective. Often the closest we come is through books. One day we'll catch up, I hope...)

    The closest thing I've been to any kind of thing that might be considered a museum was the Little House on the Prairie in Independence, Kansas when we lived in Wichita several years ago. I also hope to visit the Alamo in a couple of weeks. Does that count for anything?

    As a child I did have the extreme pleasure and privilege of seeing the King Tut exhibit in Los Angeles and I *LOVED* it.

  2. Have a wonderful time at Hillsdale! Enjoy your girls, the art, and all of the activities!


  3. I haven't been to a museum in a bit, but I have plans to go to the Dallas Museum of Art after the Van Gogh exhibit opens on the 22nd. Also, we will go to the Kimball in Fort Worth (which is a treat simply for Kahn's architecture)to see the Hatshepsut exhibit.

    If you like Wyeth, I think you might like my Fine Art Friday entry today.

  4. We missed Museum day due to a full schedule but we're hoping to visit the International Printing Museum in early January.

  5. We ended up not doing "Free Museum Day" either, when we found out the museum we wanted to go to (in Miami) has reciprocal membership with a local one for which we have a family membership this year. That Saturday just wasn't good for us.

    Oh, I hope y'all get to see the King Tut exhibit!