Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sienna Brown
I picked up these mules at the local Target because I thought they would match a ten-year-old skirt. And they did! Now I have a new outfit just by updating an accessory. With this long, front-buttoned skirt, I wore a cream-colored, sleeveless ribbed turtleneck, and my bluejean jacket. Some small plain earrings (silver), and a wooden necklace dressed me up a little more.

Care to share about an addition to your Fall wardrobe?


  1. Cute shoes! My wardrobe purchase was the dress for my son's wedding. I'm so relieved that I can check that chore off.

  2. I added a Jean Jacket.

    It's a great addition!!!

  3. Love the shoes! I posted my new sweater at SS.

    I love it when you can find one item and can mix-'n'-match with others for different outfits!