Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ted Baehr

In conjunction with Vision Forum's Christian Filmmaker's Academy, I just wanted to add my two cents to the pot when it comes to evaluating the entertainment industry. We have supported MovieGuide for almost twenty years. In Oct 1993, we hosted a table at their annual fundraiser in Atlanta GA. Since then Baehr and his lovely wife, Lili, moved to California, to be more involved in witnessing to Hollywood.

On whose reviews do you rely when evaluating movies/films?


  1. Dana, I haven't used any guide, but we usually don't watch a movie unless several have recommended it. I glance through World's reviews.

    I'm tempted to subscribe to Netflix because many movies I would be interested in aren't carried at Blockbuster, which has a monopoly in our town.

    Maybe I'll start after the wedding (grin). Time seems to be an evaporating commodity, eh? I do pray for you and yours as we prepare for ours. I'd say sons are much easier to marry off than daughters, ha!

  2. Oh, a quick story. I got a movie to watch with my DIL and future DIL which a blog sister recommended and a stranger in the store enthusiastically endorsed. It. was. awful. I was chagrined to have exposed them to the fifteen minutes that we watched, hoping that it would somehow get better. Should have used MovieGuide! I'm bookmarking it!