Monday, October 16, 2006

October 16, 1926
Eighty years ago, October 16th fell on a Saturday and my maternal grandparents *tied the knot* in Lafayette, AL. He was almost 25, she was 24 years old. So even though they married in secret, the event was not sinister. He was an intern residing at Grady Hospital and not *allowed* to be married. Those are all the circumstances I know right now and how I wish I had inquired about the details. Seven years later arrived my mother, their only child.

Eighty years later, we are in the midst of planning a wedding and I wonder about their reception, if they even had one. Was it in a home, the way so many were in the twenties, when Mrs Post first published her volume?


  1. I love that picture! She's leaning in to him, neither are looking at the camera, how he holds his hat...what a treasure!

  2. Oh Dana,
    How I wish we were neighbors so we could chat about the wedding plans...over a nice glass of water :o)

  3. Hi Dana,

    (If you got another message, it's because I'm having trouble leaving a comment. Something about betablogger/google acct.)

    I'm in southern Va. Noticed that we have some names in common--Westminster Assembly, Morton Smith, PCUS. We need to talk about the commonalities!

    I've been meaning to stop by Hidden Art regularly from Magistramater but I get sidetracted on the 'net too much. I'll solve that by adding you to my Visiting list. That'll insure a trip to GA regularly!


  4. That is so neat, and what a wonderful picture! I live near Lafayette, AL!