Friday, March 14, 2008

Fashion on Fridays

In contrast to a previous Friday when I posted a picture of my *work boots*, today's fashion trend is hiking boots.

Just two weeks ago DH and I hiked some property in Ellijay and these *REI specials* protected my feet and ankles against rocks, tree roots, and water. This is a public thank-you to Hiker Hubby who gave them to me.

Only two weeks left for me to complete my Idita-walk Challenge.

But I may only need my Nikes :)


  1. Were you in the path of that nasty storm today? I was praying for you and hope you're okay.

  2. Yes, there were several bands of strong thunderstorms which came through our area today; one was at 6am; then noonish while I was cooking - complete with hail; and I'm anticipating a third after dark.

    Thank you for thinking of me...I was home alone :\