Monday, March 24, 2008

Leg of Lamb


6.16 lb leg of lamb
rubbed with a paste
of spices including

Preheat oven
to 300 degrees.

Roast meat for one hour at 300. Turn temperature down to 190 and roast for 8 more hours. Do not open the oven door.

Here are the tender results.


The formula for the slow-roasting methoding of cooking larger, less-tender cuts of meat is taken from Adelle Davis's cookbook.

Cooking the meat at 300 degrees for one hour kills any harmful bacteria.

Then turn the oven down to the internal temperature of the meat at desired doneness (somewhere between 160 - 190 degrees) depending on the type of meat.

Continue roasting at this temperature for three times the *normal* length of time.

So, if lamb should be roasted for 30 minutes per pound at 325 in order to be fully cooked. Then I multiplied the 30 minutes times three and got 90 minutes per pound. I multiplied that figure times the 6 lbs for my particular piece of meat. Total roasting time was 540 minutes.

I put my leg in the oven before bed on Saturday night, enjoyed the wafting aromas during the night, and pulled it out of the oven Sunday morning. It was very tender.

Hope I have not confused you.

I've been cooking this way for years.

Here's a link to the same method but with a turkey.

Have you ever tried it?


  1. I have used this for turkey but never for lamb. I was salivating looking at the picture. I've cooked stuff overnight and woken up to powerful aromas.

    One of my little sayings is that I think every child should be familiar with the smell of good things cooking (particularly the smell of yeast bread baking). I think good food smells should be part of the basic deposit in everyone's memory bank. I would have loved to spend the night smelling lamb at your house.

    I am devoted to eggplant and I bet that casserole was fabulous.

    You really could become a food editor at a magazine, Dana.

  2. One of my favorite things is the time bake mechanism on my oven because it allows me to walk into a house wafting with nutritous aromas.

    That would be a fun blog meme....about smells which trigger pleasant memories.

  3. Dana, Your leg of lamb is a thing of beauty.

    My Aunt Dorothy would be proud!

  4. It's your turn now, Donna.

    Try it. You'll like it :)

    I was a little short on gravy this time, so I'm concocting a way to correct that.