Tuesday, March 11, 2008



Poem by Mary Ellen Solt

Blooming wildly around here, this perennial bush is a favorite of many. Some prune the unruly branches in an effort to control its size.

In the poem posted above the author has planted her seeds of poetry in base of the bush. Can you see the letters F.O.R.S.Y.T.H.I.A.? Words spring forth. Morse Code follows.

Neat, huh?

It's called *concrete poetry*

Here are the forsythia which bloom next door to my house.

Are there signs of Spring near you?


  1. Our SIL said that she always thought the plant was named in honor of her birthday, as it always bloomed right around then 3/15. For Cynthia. :-) Around here, it blooms a month later, around tax day....

    Signs of spring here are that the crocus are beginning to bloom, and the daffodils are showing their greenery through the soil. All that is mixed with areas of snow still left from our heavy winter.

  2. Actually... I sent the poem to that SIL :)

  3. I've loved forsythia ever since the first spring I visited my husband's grandmother -- she had a hedge of it along the pasture fence to the south of her house. She cuts it nearly all the way to the ground about once every seven years and lets it grow wild the rest of the time... just beautiful.

    Our forsythia is blooming here and the daffodowndillies and the periwinkle, of all things, plus the apple and peach trees. The buds on the lilacs are turning purple, the dogwood buds are starting to swell, and the peonies are just starting to peek above ground.

    I love spring. :-)

  4. Forsythia, daffodils, redbud, and the cherry, pear, and apple trees. It's starting to look like spring!

  5. Yes, it is so exciting to see these new signs of life!

  6. The high is supposed to be in the 50s here today! I still can't wait to get home and throw on my flip-flops. :) I like the poem, and the typography is especially neat. I am incorporating some images like that into the yearbook.


  7. We have forsythia and daffodils, too! I'll see if Anna will get a pic of the forsythia...it is so bright it looks like it's glowing. I am hoping to get some of the star-shaped flowers to put in the flower press. I cut some of the branches and put them in a vase inside. So pretty!