Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wedding Details

DD#2, aka The Bride, is home for Spring Break and we are working hard to check things off the never-ending list associated with planning a wedding.

I've posted about R.U.T.s (really useful tips) on Xanga site and it's got me thinking. Item#4 talks about using professionals whenever you can, which is the subject of the rest of this post.

Today the most pressing item is pinning down the style and color of the bridesmaids dresses. After numerous visits to several salons in three states, we're close to reaching a decision. For me, it is important to use a locally convenient shop and capitalize on their customer service. One shop was tossed out immediately because the attendant did not look up from her desk, when we walked in .

DD#2, aka The Artist, is very creative and has designed three color palettes for the florist to work with. We met with him on Monday evening. If there is ever a person who puts my mind at ease over this particular detail, it's this person who has been in business for over twenty years.

Tomorrow we meet with the Stationer, a fine Atlanta company, who like the experienced florist, knows exactly what to do and keeps me from making mistakes.

Friday, the Bride and Groom have their Engagement Photo Session with the Photographer. I highly recommend this couple who did a fantastic job for the wedding of DD#1. We are honored that the first picture you see after *entering his site* is from that special day.

Saturday may be booked with completing registries. Beverly Bremer's is a must.

Thank goodness there are still five months until the ME (Main Event).

That means that Labor Day will be here in 165 days!


  1. Oh Dana,
    It is wise to go with the tried and true!!!

    On the screen, just before the shot of your daughter and Ken, is a great photo of a elderly man kissing and elderly woman....

    I loved that shot too!!!

  2. Yes, I like the photo of the older couple kissing, too :)

    I need to ask him who they are.

  3. Who is that Young looking, handsome FOB?

  4. It's fun to read about the weddings in your family! I am behind you by a few years but look forward to planning 4 weddings some day! :)