Saturday, August 02, 2008

Feast on Saturday

If you learned today you were going to die tomorrow, name three things you would do?

1. Contact the preacher.

2. Wash my hair.

3. Take the pecan tassies out of the freezer.


What is your very first memory?

Earliest memories for me are located on Beachland Drive in Sandy Springs, where we lived from the time I was three until five years old.

But you asked for just one...

I remember being very sad that I'd left my Chatty Cathy doll outside overnight....and it rained :(


Name one service you are willing to pay for and one you're not.

I have always been willing to pay to have my hair cut/trimmed/permed/whatever.

I am unwilling when it comes to late fees.

Main Course

Do you make your bed every day?

Shamefully, *no*

My excuse? (stop reading now, if you dont like excuses)

For twenty years, I left the house BEFORE DH was out of the bed and I've fallen out of the habit.


Name the most significant thing you learned this week?

That the *Sort* function on my new word processing software doesnt work the same way the old one did. So, inadvertently, I sent a jumbled list of names and addresses to the hostess of an upcoming party. Thankfully, she recognized the mistake and called me. I was embarrassed.

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1 comment:

  1. Great answers, Dana! You were the only one to think of funeral plans :o)
    Anita was organizing her family and the rest of us were just wallowing in tears.

    Oh! the computer can be very trying.

    Thank you for the spelling help.
    I forgot I was going to look it up ;op