Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Walk Aerobics

When I'm desperate for a walk and it's raining, I call Leslie.

I have other walking buddies, but this one never says she's busy :)

Tropical Storm Fay hit Florida last Monday and she finally made it to Atlanta this Monday. Last week was a tad cooler (90 instead of 95) because the wind blew constantly. Today was cooler still. The rain started yesterday; we lost power for an hour; and the weatherman predicts Thursday for clear skies.


  1. This is why you look so great!
    Your discipline is inspirational!

  2. Thanks, Donna, but I dont really feel very disciplined with the habit of exercise. I struggle to keep the habit and dont do any weight training....

  3. Good for you! Getting into the habit of exercising is rather difficult. I ride an exercycle every day except Sunday. I find that some praise music or reading (my cycle has a book stand) helps me quite a bit.