Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Orange Roses

Still having fun tying scarves in different ways, I'm wearing this one today. I had to go back and rewatch Big Mama in order to remember how to make that knot.

The orange is significant because I like to talk about my Protestant (Scotch-Irish) heritage and counterpoint the green-loving Irish Catholics... on this man-made, Hallmark holiday.

Sounds a little rebellious, huh?

Just a little.

How are you celebrating St Patricks Day?

This year's reading assignment is Chapter 2: Domestic Life of the Lowland Scot.

Quotes to follow :)


  1. Heh. Well, I'm Highland Scot on my mom's side and Welsh (like Patrick) on my daddy's, and though the first of the Scottish branch of the family in the colonies were Scots-Irish and Presbyterian, I figure dear Saint Patrick belongs to the whole Church.

    I'm wearing green. ;-)

  2. Y'all know those Scots-Irish are scrappers!!
    I am Scottish Presbyterian from my maternal grandmother. She was a Maxwell and her family came directly from Scotland. I am pretty sure my husband is some sort of celt. We don't make a big deal out of St Pat's beside a few random pinches but our friends the Murphy's do, naturally.

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