Friday, March 19, 2010

Fashion Friday:Color

Fusion Coral is my choice for Spring and Summer Fashion this year.

I'm seeing it everywhere.

Just buying a new nail polish made me feel updated

and ready for the new season that starts officially on Saturday at 1:30pm.

Plus as I put away the Fall and Winter clothing, it seems easier to find the more fashionable colors in my existing wardrobe once I've reviewed Pantone's List of Colors.  There are lots of good suggestions in the article, especially for a non-Fashionista like me ;-)

1) Turquoise
2) Amparo Blue*
3) Violet
4) Aurora
5) Fusion Coral*
6) Tomato Puree
7) Pink Champagne
8) Tuscany
9) Dried Herb

I just love the names.

Fusion Coral is my first choice:  wearing sweaters and tops in that shade with black or brown pants.

But I'm finding the the Amparo Blue (bright!) is easier to wear than I thought ~ meaning I bought that color T-shirt at Walmart when I otherwise would have ignored it.

It *helped* me finish my 2.5 mile walk/run yesterday.

DD#1 wore Tuscany-colored patent pumps to a wedding last weekend, making her outfit *runway- perfect.*

Now I want some ;-)

Having worn uniforms during my schooling, I'm very tuned into dressing up a limited wardrobe with small accoutrements that can  make a big difference.

How are you addressing Spring and Color?


  1. I have a friend named Amparo! I tend to dress very conservative with darker colors. People dear to me (MIL, DIL) are always trying to stretch me into brighter colors.

    In other words, I'm right at home with the bottom three colors: Tuscany, Dried Herb and Eucalyptus!

  2. LOVE the Pantone Spring Fashion Report! How clever! And especially relevant for me, as I'm constantly working with Pantone charts. I can't wait to do some spring wardrobe shopping... if only it could be in GA with you! :)