Friday, March 26, 2010

Fashion on Friday

When I looked at these colors last Fall, I couldnt get excited about them.

However, I'm glad I remembered to revisit this palette because it's been THE most helpful factor for organizing my closet for the Spring and Summer.

Even though the colors look slightly different on various monitors, it's NOT difficult to see them when I'm out and about.  And with the continued chilly temperatures, I'll admit that I've been tempted just to wear the same.old. wintery stuff.

But I know better than to let the doldrums rule.

It's as simple as getting dressed.

So, after claiming Coral Fusion (OPI calls it Hot and Spicey) last week and plastering it on my toes, I looked to see if I could find another one of the colors already in the closet.



I found it in the jewelry box - something I'd picked up at a drug store five years ago and worn rarely.  I mention those details to let you know that 1) the jewelry was not expensive, and 2) the Pantone report gave me confidence to step out of the box.

Here's how I paired a necklace of turquoise stones with a white sweater (cable knit turtleneck) and black pants. 

Later in the week when I was trying to decide which scarf to wear with an off-white sweater jacket, I chose the one with turquoise in it.

What are you doing with the new Spring and Summer colors?


  1. Oh that's really pretty. I wouldn't have thought of a tiny touch like that, but it's very effective, isn't it?

    I wasn't planning on doing anything at all with this season's colors because they don't really suit me, except for that Tuscany -- my favorite Sunday dress for the summer is a linen dress just that color, and now I'm seeing how a touch of something turquoise or tomato would look really nice with it.

  2. I love *neutral* linen. Until I read *tuscany* I would have labelled that oatmeal. At any rate, try a little accent color with your summer dress.

    Make a statement ;-)

  3. I think that scarf also has Dried Herb and Tuscany in it!

    Last week I made the clothes switch - moved out all fall and winter and moved in all spring and summer. It's still cool and often overcast here, too, but I needed the promise of spring color and warmth. I even put away my 2 favorite wool cardigans that i wear around the house. (Our house is old and chilly.) I'm feeling much more optimistic that blue skies and warmer days are just around the corner!