Friday, March 12, 2010

Fashion on Friday

Winter is almost over.

Here in north Georgia, we have had a winter to remember...

colder with more snow than usual.

This outfit is my effort to transition from heavier to lighter weight fabrics;

get one more use out of this comfortable dress; and enjoy framing the wintery iron-gray with the springy brighter-yellow.

Check out the Pantone Color Report for Spring 2010.  It was released last September, which was about the last time I posted on fashion.

My old scarf blends two of the new shades:  Aurora and Violet.

What's your *new* favorite color?

I'll reveal mine next week.


  1. Thanks for the link! Just this week I was thinking I should ask you for it because I couldn't remember the name in order to search for it.

    Now off to look at the new colors. :-)

  2. I have SO many favorite color combos right now. The change in seasons is always enough to get me excited about wardrobe planning. :) Here is one of my current outfit obsessions:

    Haven't bought any of these pieces (yet), but I'm thinking they may be worthwhile for all the summer weddings I have coming up!

  3. Love the turq/melon comb as well as the bronze sandals!

    For dress-up, I would favor something with a little more heel, but in fact, I own some bronze sandals myself ;-)

    Consider a light wrap to cover shoulders in a sanctuary.