Saturday, June 17, 2006

Five Things My Father Taught Me

1) How to say *no*.
2) How to watch TV.
3) How to eat eggs.
4) How to avoid starting a sentence with *why*.
5) How to appreciate choral music.

Stay tuned for the stories.


  1. Oh, Dana!!! Why did't I think of this for Friday!
    Good thinking, friend :o)

    I hope your dinner is spectacular!
    I borrowed two books by your cooking teacher, Nathalie Dupree.

    I like her style.

    And man I have a hankering for pecans!

  2. My father taught me to tell time.
    He taught me not to drink.
    He taught me to be physically active.
    He taught me to clear my plate.
    He taught me that that "there is no such word as 'gots'.