Thursday, June 08, 2006

June 8, 1958

This photo was taken after Sunday dinner, on the day of my baptism. There are probably a number of stories which could be told about this day, but I am going to allow the picture to speak its *thousand words.*

I do want thank my folks for their covenant faithfulness demonstrated by having me baptised as an infant. It was indeed a special time with longterm consequences.

See all the ladies wearing hats?

All the different styles of hats is my favorite part of this photo. I am the baby on the far left in the lap of my paternal grandmother. That's my older brother in the lap of my maternal grandfather. Both of those ladies died within two years of this event.

I am named after my father (tall guy behind me) and my maternal grandmother's maiden name (seated lady front extreme right).

There are two sets of godparents pictured.

There are three sets of sisters in the picture, too.


  1. What a special picture, Dana! I love hats on women, especailly the royals in England. A few ladies wear hats at our church once in a while. Here's the deal...I don't like to wear hats. I don't like the way they look on me and I feel they draw too much attention to myself. Now, I never think that about other women in their hats. Weird, I know.

  2. Dana, I remember when a woman wouldn't think of going to church without a hat! I also remember my mom taking a millinery class, where she learned to make hats. I think it was their version of scrapbooking, and a fun creative outlet.

  3. I agree with your first commenter. I'm a wanna-be hat wearer but the one hat I have just doesn't look that good on me. I have chubby cheeks and the hat doesn't help them look any less. Also, it mashes my hair and makes my head hot!

    BUT... I really do like the idea of hats and wish they would make a comeback. Perhaps I just haven't found the right style for me. After all, there are so many, not just the one in my closet! The right hat can look so beautiful and elegant on a lady. Also, how one's hair is fixed makes a big difference in whether a certain style of hat "works" or not.

    My girls love girly hats and actually wear them regularly. :)

  4. Loved your post~~what a priceless picture! My daughter collects vintage hats, such as my Mom and Grandmother wore in the 1950s. She has loaned me hats from her collection on a couple of occasions to wear to church or to a dressy affair; it does make me feel self-conscious, but each time I wear one I gain a little confidence. I always admired Lady Diana's hat wardrobe.