Friday, June 09, 2006

Omelette Supper
We were the fortunate recipients of some free-range, organically-fed chicken eggs, and so, I decided to serve omelettes for dinner last night. I prepared the various ingredients (sliced mushrooms, green onions, grated cheddar cheese, and diced ham) ahead of time, so that one only had to beat the eggs, pour and tilt. Here's a pic of the one I served to my DH. The girls each prepared their own :)

Therefore cooking as an art - *Hidden Art*, if you want to call it so - should be recognized and then developed in everyone who has to cook, wants to cook, or could cook.Mrs Schaeffer pg 117

Years ago (6/9/73 to be exact), I dined at Mme Romaine de Lyon restaurant and bought her cookbook, The Art of Cooking Omelettes for my mother.

She recently passed it on to me and so my girls were instructed from chapter two which gives detailed instructions.

Mme says learn first principles; then recipes; and finally, style.


  1. Dana, I was happy to see your reference to the gasteronomy de Lyon!

  2. I haven't had breakfast yet and that looks SOOOOOOO good!!

    That cookbook sounds like a wonderful one to have!

  3. So, anon, please introduce yourself.
    Thanks. Dana

  4. Principles, recipes, style. You could use that order for many things in life. It sounds like you have all three down!

  5. The anonymous could not post under blogger and have had trouble posting under "other."

    This is formerly Laura in Lyon now Laura in Greensboro. We met at the Chalcedon conference last year in Atlanta. :)

  6. Hi Laura,
    I'm so glad to hear from you. I am thinking that I recognize you occasionally at Carmon's. I have searched high and low for your email address. I remember you very well.
    Love, Dana