Friday, June 02, 2006

How to use a blackboard

This is the final post in a series detailing a few things my mother taught me.

There were six of us born in the span of six and one half years, so there was a lot for my mother to keep up with. Besides being very organized, she knew that communication was a key ingredient. Enter the blackboard. Yup. Big black slate with white chalk hung boldly in our breakfast room. I'm guessing it was 4'x 5'. Wish I had a picture. Note to self: FIND a picture :)

The rest is very simple. On the left hand side she wrote everyone's names in a vertical column. Just after your name, there might be a message, an assignment, or *SEE ME* (that meant you were in trouble) I only remember writing on the board with permission and the main thing I was supposed to record was my whereabouts!! We lived in a neighborhood of 75 plus children

Here's an example of what might have been written on it in 1970:

Daddy (Imperial Potentate)
Moma -
Bert - Randy's playing stratomatic football
Dana - Winters back by 5
Noel - Godwins home by 6
Amanda - Michelle's
Grey - backyard
Will - backyard

The blackboard was retired in 1995, after thirty years of faithful service.


  1. What a great tool! Your mother is such a treasure. I've really enjoyed reading about her in these last posts. Don't you find that that writing instructions and reminders for the kids can be less "nagging" than bringing it up verbally?

    We have a white board, front and center, in our kitchen. I can't imagine life without it. It's large - I put a verse or quote at the top, various prayer requests, items or errands to be done, little drawings, and space for teaching algebra or such. But I find it something is up there too long, we all stop seeing it.

    Dana I loved your family page. *THAT* is a great way to stay in touch, post pictures, etc. I think you could teach us tons about family reunions!

  2. We have a white board in our kitchen also. I have become so used to it I don't think I'll ever take it down. It would be wonderful it I could get a bigger one in a pretty black frame to match my kitchen.

  3. Did you ever find a picture of the blackboard? :)

    1. Not one to be found in my photo albums, I will have to remember to look when I'm at Kingsland ~