Wednesday, June 21, 2006

How to eat eggs

Each and every morning my father rises early and eats breakfast. He thinks it's the most important meal of the day. Furthermore, he thinks that there is no better breakfast than one with eggs! First, he has a piece of fruit (half a grapefruit in winter, one quarter of a cantaloupe in summer.) Then he eats two fried eggs, two pieces of toast, a small glass of milk, and a cup of coffee. Once upon a time, bacon was on his plate, but I think that's been gone for thirty years or more. As a youngster, eggs were not my favorite food. I think I gagged on them unless I had a piece of toast. It didn't really matter. That's what was served for breakfast and that is what I ate :) That's how I learned to eat my father's example.

Eggs have gotten some bad press lately, but I maintain that they are the perfect breakfast food. They are considered a perfect protein, one which contains the eight essential amino acids. Once those are present, our body can manufacture the other 14, which helps to optimize overall metabolism. Hence, I continued my father's example by serving my children eggs for breakfast. I told them it was brain food. And remember, teachers can always tell which children have eaten a good breakfast.

Here's a fine *egg* poem by Bunyan for your morning devotion.

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  1. The Bunyan is wonderful! I printed it out to paste into my journal. Thanks!

    I like eggs, OK, but struggle with eating them every morning for brekky. This sentence in the Fat Flush book grabbed my attention yesterday and this morning I had two eggs.

    "Just to make sure I was on to something, I enrolled thirty of my clients in a 6 week dietary exploration and instructed them to add at least two eggs daily to the current diet regimens and to add lemon juice and water twice a day - without changing anything else in terms of diet and exercise. Without exception, they all lost weight..."