Friday, February 02, 2007

Fashion Friday
Here's a picture of one of my winter outfits. I love these inexpensive, long scarves and have been wearing them almost daily - indoors and out.

This apple green sweater is paired with a short denim skirt, navy tights, and brown flats.

Instead of a heavy coat, which is not needed here in the South, I've been enjoying a furry vest.

So, is there a *highlight* in your winter wardrobe?

No? Then re-read Mrs. Schaeffer's chapter on clothing and be inspired.


  1. Ooooo!! You have good taste in outfits! I love the ensemble you described!

  2. I love to wear my wool sweaters and shawls - deep south winters are perfect for those, too.

    Someday I'd like to knit woolen vests, because they see to be a great compromise for indoor warmth and outdoor chill.

  3. My favorite just now this bitter weather, is my Woolrich cordoroy jumper (found at GoodWill-new, would you believe!)...its soo cozy and 'happy' looking with a crocheted flower pin that has a pearl in the center. Pair that yellow flower with a yellow sweater under the jumper and color me 'happy'. Its amazing how clothes can make us feel isn't it!