Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Food for Fit Women

After skimming such an article in a fitness magazine, I thought this would be a fun meme to encourage us to keep our diets more healthfully.

Are these fifteen items on your weekly grocery list, in your refrigerator now, or consumed regularly?

Romaine Lettuce – Yes, I usually have a salad for lunch, but when I serve one for dinner, I like to use *Spring Mix* or Baby Spinach.
Sweet Potatoes – Yes, but not often enough. I once knew a lady who ate one for breakfast several times per week. I keep thinking about trying this.
Berries – There are some strawberries in the ‘fridge now and there were blueberries in my salad yesterday.
Kiwifruit – Again, I love fruit in salads or I particularly like kiwi and pear together with cottage cheese (a summertime lunch)

Chicken – Yes, in all forms: boneless skinless to whole hens.
Pork Tenderloin – Just bought one yesterday for our Valentine’s Day Dinner. I will be serving it with brussel sprouts and corn on the cob.
Ground Beef -95 % lean – Here I usually buy 80/20. And I’m not sure why fish isnt on this list because I like to buy that every other week.

Yogurt – Yes, but I prefer kefir. It’s higher in protein content.
Milk – Skim only and I drink it sparingly.
Cottage Cheese – a regular lunch item, combined with fresh fruit.
OJ – I cant stomach the acid. I prefer V-8 juice.
Eggs – Love them!! Hard-boiled, scrambled, fried, poached, omelettes. No school-aged child left my home without eating one. It’s brain food!

Whole Grain Breads – Yes, eaten sparingly.
Oatmeal – Not the instant kind. I love this on Saturday mornings with brown sugar and raisins.
Olive Oil –extra virgin – Yes, but I also use Safflower oil.

Let me know how you score.


  1. I am a v-8er also. I have been buying Irish Steel Cut Oats online. They are so good. Much better than even old fashioned oats.

  2. Tell us about Kefir. I have seen it at the store, but don't know what it is.

    I hardly ever eat sweet potatoes.

    Good list!

  3. I like kefir but I like it so much that I drink too much and take in too many calories.

    Love kiwis but they are a special treat that we have perhaps 5-6 times a year.

    I cannot abide skim milk. I'd rather die than drink "blue milk". My milk consumption a few spoonfuls in my tea. If I drink tea black I get heartburn.

    Whole Grain - I grind my own wheat and make my own bread from 100% whole wheat flour. I usually add cracked wheat to the mix. My sister discovered dough enhancer which makes the bread lighter and soft.