Thursday, February 01, 2007

Idita-walk 2007

Walking has been a good form of regular exercise for me. In fact, I have enjoyed it. But it is easy to fall out of the habit, which is what has happened to me since the holidays and the wedding. And so, in an effort to re-commit myself to healthier living, I have signed up for a little walking challenge. It starts Saturday!

Several online blogger-friends (most notably Donna and Cindy) have already committed to *streaking* but I was afraid to sign up for that because I wasnt sure about the dress for the occasion. TeeHee.

Flexibility and variety are keys which help keep me going. It's sleeting here this morning, so I reckon I better pull out a walking video in order to warm up for Saturday's start.

How did you fit exercise into your schedule today?


  1. I have just started working out consistently again and it feels SO good to be moving. It infuses energy into the rest of my day.

    My favorite time of day is early morning before the kids get up, right after my quiet time.

  2. Shame on exercise and just when I want to get back to walking...our treadmill seems dead!